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The SETI Institute is one of the leading organizations supporting ongoing SETI research and education. The Institute runs an important targeted search of likely SETI candidates called Project Phoenix.  Seth Shostak and Jill Tartar (who was loosely portrayed in the movie Contact by Jody Foster) conduct research as part of the Institute.

The Planetary Society - SETI Page. TPS is a major supporter of various SETI research projects. The Society was founded, among others, by the legendary Dr. Carl Sagan in support of the exploration of space.  

SKY & Telescope - SETI Page
This is one of the best overviews of current SETI projects on the web. SKY & Telescope writer Alan MacRobert has stated that he intends to keep this page current. (Last updated September 99)

A visually attractive introduction to SETI. 

MSNBC Looking for Life Special Report
Staff reporter Alan Boyle does some good reporting on SETI@home and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.  (Last report Nov. 99)

Harvard SETI Projects: Past, Present and Future
Harvard has been doing SETI research back to 1978. Although the BETA project is currently offline (not apparent from the site) due to significant damage to the antenna during a windstorm, this page provides a good overview of this schools contributions to SETI. Of particular interest is the optical SETI program.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence at U.C. Berkeley
Although SETI@home gets the most press, several other key SETI projects are run out of Cal and are directed by Dan Werthimer, notably SERENDIP and an Optical SETI project.

SETILink  - Links to SETI sites and "WIMPY" SETI project

Books on SETI


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