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HST is a 2.4-meter reflecting telescope which was deployed in low-Earth orbit (600 kilometers) by the crew of the space shuttle Discovery (STS-31) on 25 April 1990. The data that Hubble has provided has revolutionized the way we see our universe.

The Astronomy Cafe is loaded with astronomy resources for every level of expertise.

Werner Sabo's Astronomy Web site

AstroWeb: Astronomy/Astrophysics on the Internet

David Pascoe's excellent Astronomy site. Great images and information. - Suggested by Lee Hatfield, Sr.

Deep Sky Observing
Deep Sky Observing, is a great place for beginning astronomers to learn about navigating the sky using a small telescope.  There are listings of "Easy, Intermediate and Challenging Objects", a finder chart and examples of images you should see. Have fun and clear skies. -  recommended by Lee Hatfield, Sr.

A compendium of information on the search and discovery of Extrasolar Planets.

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