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Link to SETI@home official website
The only place to download the official SETI@home software. Join more than a million others running the client on your computer in search of extraterrestrial intelligence. Project is run by the U.C. Berkeley Space Science Lab. 

Tracks changes to the SETI@home website, data tape processing and more. 'featured' SETI@home teams
Teams that share our interest in the science of SETI

Seti@Home FAQ v.1.00 for newsgroup alt.sci.seti
A nice set of FAQs related to SETI@home that goes beyond what is available on the official site.

Mac oriented SETI site. Fun and informative (even if you don't own a Mac).

R. McKinney, 1999. SETI@home Work Unit conversion to Arnold's Cat Map.
A novel approach to analysis of SETI@home data.  



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